Let’s talk about Carrier IQ

According to existing sources, “Carrier IQ” was accused as a spy software in smartphone such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. This is still mazy,  from the research named Trevor Eckhart say this spy software on all user activity, including any key is pressed and the user typed text for the first search in Andorid. But Carrier IQ maker refused the claim. The official statement that the company shows that they can know whether an SMS successfully delivered or not, but doesn’t record its SMS content. He also knows what applications suck up the battery, but it didn’t save screenshots.

What Carrier IQ actually?
From the Carrier IQ side, Carrier IQ is the software that collect all user data from customer so that telecomunication operator can analyze and do repair. Carrier IQ move on, hidden, and can’t be stop. Unless the device in unlock/root/jailbreak. In other words: the technical knowledge needed.

According to the company’s Carrier IQ, their software is used in more than 130 million mobile phones in the world. However, they refused to say anything about the mobile phones using their software. In the US Telecom operators that acknowledges using this software is AT & T and Sprint but Verizon said not using Carrier IQ. Now let’s see the hardware that using it. BlackBerry, Nokia, and Google say We didn’t use this software, but Google acknowledges that android is open source and the maker of the Android device can make adjustments. Motorola and Samsung acknowledges there Carrier IQ in their hardware but they throw the issues to the operator. HTC acknowledges too but only if required by a particular telecom operator in the U.S. HTC is not a partner or a client of Carrier IQ. Next the Apple acknowledges there Carrier IQ in iPhone but they didn’t used it again in iOS 5.

So the problem of the Carrier IQ is the existence is unknown from the user and there is no way for users to turn it off. Users also do not know exactly what the collected data the software.


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