Let’s talk about Carrier IQ

According to existing sources, “Carrier IQ” was accused as a spy software in smartphone such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. This is still mazy,  from the research named Trevor Eckhart say this spy software on all user activity, including any key is pressed and the user typed text for the first search in Andorid. But Carrier IQ maker refused the claim. The official statement that the company shows that they can know whether an SMS successfully delivered or not, but doesn’t record its SMS content. He also knows what applications suck up the battery, but it didn’t save screenshots.

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Happy 3rd Anniversary Hidayat Sadikin’s Blog

Happy 3th anniversary to my blog. Since I’m in first class of senior high school. There are many post in my blog along 3 year. Firstly I make this blog for school project of final exams. Although just copied from another website. All of that is the best selection from me about healthy and lifestyle information. For the next I will improve my post. It will have many post types and the post will use english.

Keep Elegant!

Hidayat Sadikin

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